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The rural houses and hostel Cazalegas were founded by Luis Blanco over 30 years ago, undergoing numerous renovations up until today, with the latest renovation completed in early 2024, completely refurbishing the hostel's rooms and giving them a modern touch of the time.
An attractive tourist attraction is located in Cazalegas (Toledo) due to its beautiful reservoir, where you can enjoy with your family and friends the views and water activities that these wonderful places allow to stand out.
The location provides accessibility to Madrid in just an hour, Toledo in just 40 minutes, Talavera in 15 minutes, and the Gredos Mountains at 40km. Full of amazing routes and places to enjoy a stay in the great outdoors connected with nature.

Our facilities.

At Cazalegas, we are proud to offer a variety of facilities to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

Experiencia Familiar

Confort y Comodidad

Conexión & Naturaleza

Sabores Locales

Other Amenities

Discover the additional amenities we offer to make your stay even more comfortable and memorable.
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